Welcome home

When you come home after a day of hard work, it is nice if you can relax there. After all, you have enough on your mind with your growing children and parents who rely on you more and more. A well-organized home base gives you a great starting position for this.

Please read below what The Organizing Company® can do for you in home organizing.

Welcome home

Do you have more stuff or documents than you need? The quantity is irrelevant here. The most important thing is that you would like to change this.

You are not alone. Together we determine a practical layout of the space that matches your habits. Discover which items you would like to keep and which no longer add value to your current daily life.

This makes starting easier, persevering more fun and staying on track easier.

These clients preceded you:

"After 2 years of working from home in Covid-19 time, I had created a cluttered office, with a lot of documentation and various storage systems. Together we came up with 1 system and cleaned up wonderfully. Both the method and the personality of Marianne have given me a pleasant morning, a tidy office and resulted in a good administration system!"
"A huge step that is only made possible by your enormous effort and empathic support."
"Marianne is a very sweet and patient woman. She has helped us enormously to bring back structure into our home. We started in the living room and ended upstairs. Thanks to the good tips and the logical structure, it is very easy for us to keep track of everything as we have cleaned up and learned. Because of my pregnancy it is not always easy to bend or to go up and down the stairs often, this is also no problem for Marianne. She adapts to the situation and nothing is too much to ask. I highly recommend her and will definitely contact her again in the future if we need help again."