Organize your Company

As an entrepreneur (self-employed or SME) you are extremely proud of the fact that your company is doing well. You work hard for this. You have all kinds of great plans, but you don’t get to them because there is always something that needs to be done first. You often work ad hoc and would like to change this.

The Organizing Company® likes to make it as easy as possible for you. Together we transform your company into a person-independent organization. This way you can easily transfer your work, allowing your business to grow. This way you can focus on what you enjoy doing most.


  • do you have a grip on your current affairs;
  • your recurring tasks  are optimized;
  • you have practical checklists and step-by-step plans that guarantee the quality of your work;
  • you can transfer your work more easily in the event of (un)expected absence and expansion of your team.


A tailor-made cooperation, working 1-on-1, live at your workplace and/or via video calls. That way, you as a business owner always have a sparring partner. We take a fresh look at recurring tasks, after which we optimize and document work processes. This way you work effectively yourself, you can easily train others and quality is guaranteed.

For this cooperation we schedule an introductory meeting, after which you will receive a tailor-made offer. This investment is deductible for entrepreneurs as operating expenses and also pays for itself in no time.

If you are interested, please reach out to discuss your wishes.