Optimise your Business

Please read below what The Organizing Company® can do for you to start or grow your company:

Becoming an entrepreneur

Are you considering starting your own business and is this entirely new to you? In that case it can sound like a challenge. If you register for PO Academy, you are not alone. This unique training program enables you to develop your entrepreneurial skills and make your company more successful faster.

Grow your Company

If you have your own company (self-employed or SME), chances are that most of your knowledge is kept in your head. Together we ensure a grip on your current affairs. This way you can easily transfer your work, allowing your business to grow.

This way you can focus on what you enjoy doing most (and still be home in time for dinner). The Organizing Company® makes your daily life as comfortable as possible.

These clients preceded you:

“I was always busy, both in my job (owning a company with 65+ FTEs in a progressive growth phase) and privately (social, sports and young family). I felt stuck and decided to go for blended learning (individual coaching and an online training). As organized as I already am, there is almost no piece of paper left on my desk, Marianne gave me insights and tools to organize my work and especially my organization differently. After 6 weeks, my vision on the organization became stronger and I aimed to implement organizational changes faster. I have also applied focus and work more efficiently. I am so excited that I want to continue this development and have asked Marianne to continue to support me in the coming period.”
"Immediately after I gained access to PO Academy, I experienced peace and hope. This was exactly what I was looking for; something/someone who takes me by the hand through this starting process. All the parts that I need to work out are described and I can go I use the PO Academy every day to fall back on; what else do I still need to find out and specifically by subject, I regularly look up information. In addition, the personal help I receive from Marianne is very nice. It's really like having a personal business coach."
Bertie Polak
Professional Organizer at Polak Professional Organizer