Home Organizing

Do you have more stuff or documents than you need? The quantity is irrelevant here. The most important thing is that you want to change this. Sometimes the current situation has arisen gradually, in other cases a major life event is the cause, such as a move or the death of a loved one.

You are not alone. Together we determine a practical layout of the space that matches your habits. Discover which items you want to keep and which no longer add value to your current daily life. Together we make starting easier, persevering more fun and keeping on track easier.

Choose 1-on-1 coaching at your home or via video calls and discover how you can make choices about your belongings more easily. Next, we will organize your belongings so you know exactly where to find what (and put things back quickly after use). This will make a big difference in your life and make you feel relaxed.


  • You look around your home with a big smile;
  • You know 3 key questions that help you decide about your stuff;
  • you know how to easily control the amount of stuff and documents in your home;
  • you have a clear method to easily find things and documents.


Are you excited and can’t wait to get started, book a free “Is-this-something-for-me-call” of only 15 minutes. During this call we discuss your wishes and you will discover what The Organizing Company® can do for you. Make the first move today, it will transform your daily life!