Become an Inbox Hero

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur or employee who receives countless e-mail messages every day? It can then be quite a challenge to find important information quickly. This can also cause a lot of stress and distraction, which means you do not get to finish important tasks. Discover how you can quickly change this. This way you create more focus, more overview and more peace of mind. Take the 5 steps that will make you an Inbox Hero. We provide a lot of inspiration so that you actually do it.

Sign up for this unique training and discover the process of becoming the hero of your inbox! This gives you more satisfaction, more focus and more time for things that really matter.

Inbox Hero is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook and was developed by senior professional organizers Annemiek Tigchelaar, Karen Visser and Marianne Winter. The basis is formed by an online learning environment full of inspiring videos, useful theory, useful tips and practical printables. With this you can save up to 2.5 hours a week!

Please note that the online training course is now only available in Dutch. However, 1-on-1 and team trainings can be provided in English (live or online via Zoom).


  • you know the 5 steps to organize and keep your inbox in order;
  • you are completely up to date with your e-mail;
  • you can handle new e-mail messages quickly and easily;
  • you have practical tips to reduce the amount of e-mail;
  • you have set up a clear archive in which you can easily find messages
    you can transfer work more easily in the event of (un)expected absence.


If you are interested and can’t wait to get started, choose the below offer that appeals to you most:

  • Inbox Hero DIY (Do It Yourself): 1 year access to the online training course, which you can use at your own pace. You probably don’t want to take that long. You probably would like to have finished it yesterday. The investment in this course is EUR 197 (excluding VAT);
  • Hero with a Sidekick: 1 year access to the online training course, which you can use at your own pace + 3x an individual contact moment of half an hour (via video calls). We plan these moments in mutual consultation. The investment in this training is EUR 347 (excluding VAT);
  • Inbox Super Hero: access to the online learning environment for a year in which you can work at your own pace + a targeted collaboration in which you are guided 1-on-1, live at your workplace and/or via video calls. This way you get the most out of our cooperation! For this plan, we plan an introductory meeting to discuss your wishes, after which you will receive a tailor-made offer.

*) these costs are deductible as business expenses for entrepreneurs and employers.

Annemiek Tigchelaar

Stress Coach

Annemiek Tigchelaar is author of the book Grip on your e-mail. She has trained countless people in education, healthcare and business on how to work efficiently and create overview in their inbox. 

As a senior professional organizer and stress coach, she helps you to organize your email, time and tasks.

Karen Visser

Team Trainer

As a team trainer and senior professional organizer, Karen Visser teaches teams to work smarter (together) in a way that suits them.

She provides training, workshops and 1-on-1 support to teams that want to get a better grip on their tasks and results.

This gives them control over where their attention, time and energy goes.

Marianne Winter


Marianne Winter has 18 years of experience in international corporate services and during that time received over 100 e-mails a day. She became an entrepreneur in 2015.

As a senior professional organizer and RPO®, she trains corporate and private clients in making conscious choices about time, so that they can once again enjoy what matters to them most.

Marianne is a higher vocational education teacher Time Management and immediate past president of NBPO. In her spare time she enjoys mountain biking.


If you are already a participant of Inbox Hero, click the button below to go directly to the online training course.